Frontiers in Analog CAD (FAC 2014)

Co-located with the CMOS-ET Symposium

July, 9-10, 2014

Grenoble, France

Technical Program FAC 2014

  • Invited Talk: Pierre Dautriche, ST Microelectronics, "Will Silicon Proof Stay the Only Way to Verify Analog Circuits?" Slides
  • Christoph Grimm, Carna Radojicic and Thiyagarajan Purusothaman, "Towards Formal Verification of Analog/Mixed-Signal Systems: The Algebraic Approach" Slides
  • Yan Peng and Mark R. Greenstreet, "AMS verification with Theorem Proving and SMT" Slides
  • Andrew N. Fisher and Chris J. Myers, "Reachability Analysis Using Octagons" Slides
  • Hafiz Ul Asad and Kevin D. Jones, "Global Convergence of a PLL using Lyapunov Stability and Reachability" Slides
  • Invited Talk: Dejan Nickovic, Austrian Institute of Technology, "Monitoring Mixed Signal Assertions - Theory, Tools and Applications"
  • Eugene Asarin, Thomas Ferrére, Oded Maler and Dogan Ulus, "Checking Time Regular Expressions on Boolean Signals" Slides
  • Jaeha Kim, "An Event-Driven Simulation Methodology of Analog/Mixed-Signal Systems and Its Implications to Property Checking" Slides
  • Invited Talk: Peter Rotter, Infineon, "Analog Verification Concepts: Industrial Deployment Case Studies" Slides
  • Hugo Gonçalves, Xin Li, Miguel Correia and Vitor Tavares, "A Fast Wafer-level Spatial Variation Modeling Algorithm for Test Cost Reduction of Analog/RF Circuits" (5) Slides
  • Invited Talk: Martin Vlach, Mentor Graphics, "AMS Verification from Transistor to SoC" Slides
  • Jiho Lee and Jaeha Kim, "Predictive Global Optimization Method for Analog Circuit with Response Surface Methodology on Discrete Design Space" Slides
  • Ikchan Jang, Soyeon Joo, Soyoung Kim and Jintae Kim, "Model-Based Synthesis of High-Speed Serial-Link Transmitter Designs" Slides
  • Thang Nguyen and Dejan Nickovic, "Monitoring Correctness of DSI3 Sensor Interfaces in a Modern Airbag System-on-Chip Application" (11)
  • Felix Salfelder and Lars Hedrich, "A Benchmark Suite for Formal Verification of Analog Circuits" (1) Slides
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